Top-ranking Jesuit Colleges and Universities

The Catholic order of priests, known as the Jesuits, has become known over the years for founding great colleges and universities. The Jesuit mission of educating for the whole person has great appeal to many. If you have decided you want to essay writer cheap an education at one of these institutions, the trick can be deciding which one. Jesuit college rankings can be hard to find. This article does not offer a comprehensive ranking, but it does list a few of the best Jesuit colleges to consider.

Boston College

Boston College (BC) is perhaps the most prestigious Jesuit college, and would likely come first in Jesuit college rankings. BC is well known for its premier location in historic Boston, its rigorous academic programs and its Division I sports program. Perhaps its greatest claim to fame, however, is the praise lavished on it by President John F. Kennedy, who thought highly of the school.

Georgetown University

Georgetown University is the oldest Jesuit university in the country and, indeed, the oldest Catholic university. The school boasts an excellent law program, and its proximity to Washington D.C. gives its government program appeal. Notable alumni of the school include President Bill Clinton and Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

Fordham University

Fordham University is another Jesuit college located in a great American city, positioned as it is in the Bronx borough of New York City. Fordham has been called one of the "Catholic Ivy League," and its academic programs are highly prestigious. Its program in English literature is well known, as are its other humanities degrees.

Loyola University Chicago

Loyola University Chicago is the largest of the Jesuit universities and possesses many distinguished characteristics. Its many innovative programs include compressed master's degree programs which allow students to finish the degree in one year. Furthermore, as of 2013, Loyola is the only university in the state of Illinois to have won a national championship in men's basketball.

Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University (SLU) is the oldest Jesuit university west of the Mississippi river, located in downtown St. Louis, Missouri. The university boasts a historic campus and well-respected programs in aviation science and technology, philosophy, and theology. SLU has also fielded respected teams in men's basketball and soccer over the years.

Jesuit college rankings can take a lot of factors into consideration, from academic reputation to the state of an institution's buildings. However, ultimately, your satisfaction as a student or parent is in your individual experience of the school and its location. Visiting colleges is always a good idea, to get a sense of the school and the city. If you are looking for a Jesuit education, you have plenty of options, so take the time to find the perfect place for you.